VERTEX POLYMERS manufacturing plant is situated at:

  • Silvassa, D&NH (Union Territory): approx 150 kms from the city of Mumbai, India
  • Silvassa has a solid infrastructure with one the best facilities for Plastics Manufacturing
  • Approx 2500 sq ft of Production Area only
  • Our office is located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India


  • Multi-Cavity, Imported, High Precision Moulds and Mould Spares


    We have complete plant which includes

  • Imported Injection PET system, accessories which include Chilling Plants and PET De-humidifyers.
  • Manufacturing Capacity: Approx 450 mt tons per annum
  • Number of Production Lines- 3
  • Best Quality Checking Instruments like Preform Viewer etc


  • Trained and Experienced in PET Production for more than 13 years with Mr Suresh Padia himself having experience in plastics of more than 30 years

    Apart from the above tangible assets we also have discipline to perform & determination to serve better.

    These factors contribute to the whole infrastructure of VERTEX POLYMERS