“Quality is first engineered; only then it is inspected”- SHRI JRD TATA

How do we ensure that YOU get the best quality preforms?


  • Probably one the most important factors is our attitude towards our product and our customers. We are responsible for what we manufacture and sell. We understand the quality is priceless for our customers and we sincerely work towards the betterment of our customer’s business 

    Material Used:

  • Virgin, High Quality, FDA Approved and Reliable PET Resin (Like Relpet: 0.80 IV general application and 0.84 IV for Soda) used for Production

    Process Equipments:

    We have mentioned in our Infrastructure section that we use Good Quality and Precision equipments which affect the PROCESS of manufacturing the final product

  • Machinery: Provides Consistent, Clear & Strong Preforms (No Thermal Degradation, Bubbles and other process related problems)

  • Precision Moulds: Ensures no Wall thickness variation, No cooling / water lines, etc

  • Drying equipments: Minimal Loss of IV during process, No haziness / milky-ness / whiteness in preforms

  • Chilling Plant: Helps in Getting consistent quality output

  • Maintenance: Because of the quality of above we have Low / Minimal Breakdowns. Therefore High Productivity to cater the market demand

  • Packing: Quality 5 Ply corrugated cartons are used for packing so that there is no damage to Preforms

    Quality Control and Inspection:

  • We are continuously on our toes to check the quality of our output. We have kept PREFORM VIEWERS at our plant to ensure there are no defective Preforms produced / packed.Preform Viewers help us detect more than 12 types of defects which means HASSLE FREE BLOWING, PROBLEM FREE FILLING, etc

  • Our quality people do Wall thickness measuring on continuous basis so that no uneven bottles/ jars are blown at customer’s end